potential threats to your organisation's data

What are the potential threats to your organisation’s data?

The advent of the internet and adoption of cloud based technologies means that the threats to your enterprise and data are numerous and can stem from varied sources from anywhere in the world. Below are just some of the potential threats any modern organisation faces:

  • Direct financial loss as a result of Phishing or Spear Phishing, 91% of these attacks start with an email. This form of cyber attack happens to Irish companies at twice the average international rate.
  • Loss of critical data as a result of Ransomware or Hardware failure.
  • A hack resulting in a breach and theft of confidential customer data. This will result in a loss of clients, 61% of clients blame the organisation for the breach and NOT the hacker. 
  • Fire, flood, loss of power and other natural disasters.
  • Sabotage, possibly by a disgruntled employee.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “It won’t happen to me, I’m too small to be a target” 43% of cyber attacks target SMEs.

vCloud.ie can protect your organisation

How vCloud.ie can protect your organisation?

Every business is different and may require a slightly different approach to cyber security, but the first step for any organisation is awareness. Any organisation first needs to be aware of what it’s potential vulnerabilities are before it can take any correctional action.

We achieve this by performing an initial Cyber Security Risk Assessment which may include the following 10 step process:

  1. All Online facing services websites, web portals, software and apps.
  2. All Assets, computers, servers and laptops.
  3. Networks, communications and monitoring.
  4. Data, is it secure, encrypted and backed up.
  5. Infrastructure and hosting.
  6. Emails. 91% of hacks start with email.
  7. People. How alert and educated are the team – think chain and weakest link!
  8. Business continuity risk assessment.
  9. Policies, GDPR, information management and compliance.
  10.  Access Control.

The resulting report of our findings will enable your organisation to make an educated decision on how best to reduce your chances of falling victim to cyber criminals or other forms of data loss.

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. Given a worst case scenario will your organisation be able to recover and if so how long will it take and what will it cost?

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