What does the worst case scenario look like for your business?

You run a €2 billion+ business, supplying fresh produce to retailers and the multiples. Your most critical server goes down and as if that’s not bad enough the backups don’t appear to be working. What happens now?

Are you the CTO/IT Manager?

Where do you turn when things go wrong? You’re responsible for keeping the show on the road and now everyone is looking to you for the answers. When will we be back up and running? How much data have we lost?

It’s too late now to question if the strategy of data backups is enough. The business’s survival is sitting on a knife edge and you’re hoping that the data can be recovered from the original hard drive. How much has been lost since the last backup ran?

You’re looking at hours to days of downtime. Meanwhile, you’re getting constant calls from senior managers, wondering why their teams are sitting idle. Would you feel stressed? Is your job safety in question? Would you get another job in the industry?

Are you the CEO/Senior Manager?

The business’s success is in your hands but you depend on your IT guys to keep the wheels turning. You trust them to have the right solutions in place.

When things go wrong, do you feel hurt and let down by them? Do you feel angry to find yourself in this position? Are you in disbelief or stressed to the max?

How are you going to explain this to the board? Is my job on the line?

Unfortunately, this is something we have seen all too often but you can avoid this type of situation by having an appropriate solution in place. By replicating your data offsite, we can guarantee practically zero data loss.



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