Cyber Security Advisory Services

The world is changing and business is changing with it. We now have the internet, high-speed broadband connectivity and powerful mobile devices. People are connected like never before and demand to be able to perform business functions anywhere – anytime.

Companies are expected to be available 24/7/365. This online availability may provide companies with numerous potential opportunities and consumers with incredible flexibility, but it also exposes the company, and consumers, to new levels of threats – cybercrime

We regularly hear of big companies falling victim to various cyber-attacks or hacks, but what we don’t often hear about in the news are how many smaller companies also fall victim to these same attacks. In fact, the majority of cyber attacks are aimed at smaller companies.

Big Business has the budget and skills to take the necessary steps internally to combat these cyber-attacks, but what about the smaller business?

It’s unlikely that a smaller company has the budget for a full-time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) or a dedicated SOC (Security Operations Centre).

At we offer you these professional cybersecurity advisory services on a part-time basis “As a Service”. Take the first step by assessing your potential vulnerabilities which will enable you to plan how much time and budget to assign to protecting your company from the potentially devasting effects of a data breach.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cybercrime is now the most prevalent form of economic fraud in Ireland with 2 out of 3 Irish organisations reporting having been a victim of cybercrime in the last 2 years.

This is double the international average….

CISO as a Service

Chief Information Security Officer

Let’s first start with what is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)? 

A CISO is a Senior Executive within an organisation with strong business acumen and technical skills who can convey complex IT security and technical issues in a …

Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre

A skilled security specialist; a competent security expert is key to ensuring the system runs smoothly.

They must have an extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and the tools used to prevent an attack….