Announcing – Cost of Downtime Calculator

Downtime Calculator

Jan 2017: What is the financial impact of downtime to your business?

Gartner studies have shown that 76% of companies experience an outage each year, and 40% of companies go out of business if they cannot access their data within 24 hours. In addition, most disasters stem from simple human errors and power outages, not large-scale disasters.

Knowing this, it is critical to understand the financial impact that downtime can have on your organisation and for you to take the necessary steps to improve your DR solution.

To help you out we have built a Cost of Downtime calculator. Using some basic information, we are able to calculate the financial impact of downtime to your business.

The results will be presented to you in an easy to read pdf file and this will also include details on mitigating the risk of downtime by engaging with as your disaster recovery provider. Click here to access the calculator