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Doris brings Disaster – but all is calm with vCloud.ie and Zerto – “Masters of DR”

vCloud.ie Zerto event

Feb 2017: On Thursday February 23rd the vCloud.ie team made their way to Dublin to meet with their guests who had also braved Storm Doris to gather at the Residence and hear from the experts in Disaster Recovery.

vCloud.ie and Zerto hosted this lunchtime event and Siobhan O’Toole from Smyths Toys kindly joined us to outline why they chose vCloud.ie as their DR Provider.

There were presentations from Smyths Toys, Zerto and vCloud.ie.

Smyths Toys – Siobhan O’Toole – Network Administrator

Siobhan outlined the benefits of the vCloud.ie DR Solution. Her primary message was its seamless implementation, aggressive RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) and ease of use.

Zerto – Michael Murphy – Account Manager

Michael Murphy, Account Manager with Zerto then gave us an insight into Zerto technologies.

Zerto provides enterprise-class virtual replication and disaster recovery solutions that maximize uptime & enable a hybrid cloud strategy.

vCloud.ie – Gunter Bayer – CIO

As the rain continued outside Gunter Bayer finally gave the room a demo of a live failover. What impressed people most was the simplicity of the product. It is as easy as 5 clicks.

Gunter was also proud to announce that vCloud.ie now has a constant average RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of under 9 seconds

.Zerto Dashboard


Richard Meehan, CEO of vCloud.ie then invited everyone downstairs for some lunch.

The overall consensus on the day was that vCloud.ie and Zerto can deliver a sound and simple Disaster Recovery Solution.

photo_0001-vcloud-ie-zerto-eventDisaster Recovery event Dublin

Siobhan O'Toole Smyths Toys
Siobhan O’Toole Smyths Toys
Michael Murphy Account Manager Zerto
Michael Murphy Account Manager Zerto
Richard Meehan CEO vCloud.ie
Richard Meehan CEO vCloud.ie
Gunter Bayer CIO vCloud.ie
Gunter Bayer CIO vCloud.ie


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