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Business Continuity

Your BC budget does not stretch to zero downtime but you want to insure IT essential assets against failure then the BC Lite is the product you should consider. Minimum disruption experienced on key IT assets.

RPO = Seconds RPO => 15 Minutes RPO = Seconds RPO => 15 Minutes
RTO = Minutes RTO => 24 Hours RTO = Minutes RTO => 24 Hours
Zerto In-house Veeam In-house Zerto External Veeam External
Pros Pros Pros Pros
Real-time Replication Snapshots Real-time Replication Snapshots
Failover & Failback Lower CapEx Failover & Failback Opex
Uninterrupted, Anytime Testing In-house Uninterrupted, Anytime Testing Replication ability
No Impact No Impact DR ability
In-house No CapEx
No Management O/H
Fixed monthly costs
Choose data location
Cons Cons Cons
High CapEx spend Complex Testing Complex Testing
Op Costs Lower RTO Lower RTO
Complexity Lower RPO Lower RPO
Management O/H
By-Products By-Products By-Products By-Products
Software, Hardware,,Support & Consultancy Software, Hardware,,Support & Consultancy Service, Support & Consultancy Service, Support & Consultancy

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