International jewellery retailer selects vCloud.ie’s business continuity platform to support continued expansion and growth plans. The Anthony Nicholas Group is one of Ireland’s leading retailers with three jewellery companies offering a range of quality products to customers in both Ireland and the UK – Fraser Hart, Fields and Solvar. Across the three businesses Anthony Nicholas Group employ almost 1,200 employees. Fraser Hart – Began trading in 1936 and is now one of the UK’s leading jewellers with 39 shops nationwide. Fields has been a market leader in Ireland since 1979 and has now expanded to 14 stores throughout Ireland. Solvar Ltd – Established in 1941 is based in the heart of Dublin and distributes products in Ireland, the United States and Canada.

The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Problem:

The Anthony Nicholas Group required a solution that could provide an enterprise Business Continuity plan combined with an efficient cloud based disaster recovery solution. With key emphasis on ensuring optimal service to the customers, Anthony Nicholas required an RPO of seconds and an RTO of minutes. The previous solution was slow, required user intervention and was unable to fulfil the business requirements. It was essential that whatever solution was proposed would not impact the business operations in any way and a quick turnaround was required – measurable in minutes not days!

‘Business continuity planning has always been a key focus of the Anthony Nicholas Group as we strive to ensure that our customers experience remains optimal at all times. vCloud.ie provided a unique service in allowing us to reach key business continuity targets set by the business’

Colin Hadden, CIO, Anthony Nicholas Group.

The Business Continuity Solution:

vCloud.ie conducted an audit of the system and then implemented a solution with zero impact to the business. vCloud.ie were able to fulfil the essential requirements of the retailer using a combination of two of our business continuity products – Business Continuity Lite and Business Continuity Essential. The packages were tailor made to ensure a perfect fit for the Business Continuity requirements of the expanding organisation with a substantial international presence.