The Secure Hosting Problem

The Medical Company was using some big name providers; these providers were unable to deliver the security required, guarantee the exact location of the data or assist with the deployment of the underlying solution for their software as a service. Security being the key concern, as the solution that they provide to hospitals, doctors and global medical services contains highly sensitive data; they required a secure, dedicated environment to host their Software as a Service solution.

Solution: provided a secure hosting environment that exceeded the clients’ redundancy and security requirements. This solution allowed our client to confidently deliver the patient information to their global customers. As a niche provider, together with the customer, we designed and built the secure customised solution allowing us to guarantee the exact location of the data at all times.

“The core of our business required that we moved out of the Stone Age to the participation age. We required the infrastructure that facilitates the participation age. It has security, privacy, storage, compute, the whole package that our business requires.”

Client Profile:

An Irish owned Medical Company with a global customer footprint. A leader in their field; delivering customised enterprise solutions to corporate and non-profit organisations.


(Due to the sensitive nature of the Data Client profile details are limited).