Your Potential losses in the event of a system disruption


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Your business in numbers

50 K€
75 %
*Full time employee. **Hourly fee for internal\external labour to recover the system.
Weekly Daily Hourly Elapsed
Revenue Loss -- -- -- --
System Recovery Cost -- -- -- --
Employee Productivity -- -- -- --
Lost Sales Opportunities -- -- -- --
Downtime 00:00:00
We are the Business Continuity Experts. is an Irish company specialising in Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing and Business Continuity solutions for clients in Ireland and internationally. has developed a suite of products to meet your Business Continuity\Disaster Recovery needs.

  • Failover & Failback – Two way replication allows you to easily transfer your data back from the DR site when recovering from a disaster unlike other solutions.
  • Sandbox testing – You have the ability to test your DR without affecting the production system
  • No Changes – It solves your problems without any changes to your hardware or network or their performance and it deskills your DR and Backup operations.
  • Faster - It’s installed in a few days, offers faster synchronous times and faster RPO and RTO times thus reducing your risk and costs.
  • Low cost – It’s a ‘pay as you go’ model with low start-up and low ongoing costs.
  • Customised – We don’t ask you to fit into our pricing plan – we build the solution that fits your needs, grows with your demands and suits your budget.
  • Resilience – anticipate and respond to the unforeseen risks and adapt to the changing business environments of your business.
  • Flexibility – you have the ability to maintain and to scale up/down requirements as needs arise.
  • Governance & Compliance - as a growing organisation you need to adopt best practices for auditing and governance procedures.
  • Peace of mind – we are proposing a very simple solution with built-in assurances and the ability to self-test.
  • Cost savings - there is no Capex required and the Opex is priced for a very competitive and fully comprehensive solution.

Call\Email us to schedule an Audit or organise a meeting to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your business requirements.