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The ease of access to the INTERNET by consumers has made it necessary for businesses and their IT providers to adopt a Cloud Strategy that integrates seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure, but without loosing their existing investment they have already made over the years.

What is the Cloud?

The reasons for moving to the “Cloud” are often varied, but they always have one thing in common;a Business case for the adoption of a Cloud Service. Many businesses are using “Cloud” services and platforms in their daily life, and may not even know it.

The following are a list of some of the Cloud Services that many consumers are familiar with, which are sitting on a Server connected to the INTERNET somewhere.

A list of some of the Cloud Services

  • Booking Flights Online
  • Booking Hotels, Restaurants or Events Online
  • Paying Domestic Bills Online
  • Paying Taxes Online such as IT, CT, LPT, VAT etc.
  • Viewing Bank Statements, Paying Wages and other Online Banking Services
  • Phone Credit Top Up
  • Waste Collection Booking
  • Parcel Delivery/Collection and POD tracking
  • Product Purchases and payment via online Shop Front
  • Product Catalogs and Technical Pre-Sales Lookup Databases

Why use the Cloud?

Now imagine that you are one of these businesses which has one of these services with over 1,000 online transactions per day, potentially with payments of various forms.

It would not be efficient to have a Web Portal Ordering system that is separate to your in-house Sales Ledger Accounting system, you would have to manually re-key transactions from the Internet Sales Orders if this was the case. This is inefficient, costly and leaves your organization open to mistakes and errors, thus reducing your customers satisfaction and profits.

So, now you look to connecting your In-house systems to the Web Servers that may have been sitting in a Data-centre somewhere. With the sheer volume of Online Transactions now your IT Team come up against Internet bandwidth issues, security issues, new hardware and software application requirements and disruptions to the business as a whole. Connecting to the Apps on the Internet is getting more and more complex and expensive when all the different facets are added in to the mix.

Cloud Consulting A to Z

vCloud helps you simplify the IT environment as you can place your private in-house “Servers” Virtually in to our secure private cloud Platforms, while implementing your Cloud Strategy to allow your business to secure it’s route to market. You no longer have to worry about buying new Server Hardware, Server Capacity issues, Hardware Failures, Internet Bandwidth or Connection problems. We take the pain out of adopting a Cloud Strategy, simplify your journey to the cloud and work with you and your IT providers to get from A to Z.

How Much Does Cloud Cost:

The cost of a Cloud Strategy can easily be measured and quantified, as it is based on a number of simple cost elements. vCloud sell you a Bubble of resources that you can consume as you see fit.

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth

Cloud, it is often regarded as ELASTIC, as you have the ability to increase or decrease** the purchased resources on a monthly basis, allowing you to meet seasonal or project increases on demand.

Tailored to your Needs

If we were to ask a Car Salesperson, “I need a car, how much does it cost”. The Salespersons eyes would light up and they would first try to understand what you as the customer needs. They would want to know many details about what you wanted to use it for, how many people you need to carry, what size engine is required, your budget and so on.

Cloud IT is also very much like buying a car, there are so many different options. People’s needs vary and so does the need for Cloud Services. We customize the Cloud to your needs, what is suited to your needs is not necessarily suited to another’s needs.

Our Consultants will perform an analysis of your Business and your requirements, we will help you put in place your “Cloud Strategy”. Adopting cloud can be as simple as putting a single web server in to the cloud to host a website or may be as complex as migrating your full IT Back Office infrastructure with Hosted Thin Client Desktops to our Data Centres. We can help you design your Disaster Recovery Plan and put in place Backup Solutions for our infrastructure as well as other infrastructure sites that you have.
relationship with you. We prefer to work with the incumbent IT provider, as they often know the nuances of your business, thus making your journey to the cloud that much easier.

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If your current IT Department or IT Partner does not currently offer Cloud solutions to your business, please come and talk to us and we can help your IT Solution provider realize their potential with Cloud Services while maintaining their business

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