Securing your Company and Data with Confidence

Cybercrime is now the most prevalent form of economic fraud in Ireland with 2 out of 3 Irish organisations reporting having been a victim of cybercrime in the last 2 years. This is double the international average.

Cybercrime increased
victims of cybercrime

Ireland is seen as a soft target, particularly for phishing and malware by external fraudsters, due to our trusting and charitable nature. 91% of these attacks are initiated through email.

The cost and implication of these attacks cannot be measured in Euro value alone, a data breach will tarnish your company brand and reputation. Such breaches under recent laws must be reported to the Data Protection Commissioner.

The good news is together we can take highly effective steps to greatly reduce your potential vulnerability to cybercriminals and help you sleep better at night.

Awareness: We assess your possible vulnerabilities from a neutral 3rd party point of view with our unique 10-point Cyber Security Risk Assessment. 

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

The first step in improving Online Security is to perform an analysis of your potential vulnerabilities by following the 10 step process below:

  1. All Online facing services – Websites, Web Portals, Software and Apps.
  2. Assets – Computers, Servers and Laptops.
  3. Networks, communications and monitoring.
  4. Data – Secure/encrypted and backed up.
  5. Infrastructure and hosting.
  6. Emails – 91% of hacks start with email.
  7. People – How alert and educated are the team – think chain and weakest link!
  8. Business Continuity Risk Assessment.
  9. Policies – GDPR, information management and compliance.
  10. Access Control. has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification

The comprehensive assessment takes approximately 3 days after which we will provide you with a detailed report including our recommendations and solutions. 

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The following is an excerpt from Dr Jessica Barker’s speech at the recent IRISSCON security conference held in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin last Thursday 23rd November. were delighted to attend again this year as IRISSCON brings together some of the latest thinking and developments within the cyber security world. Dr Jessica Barker is a sociologist and cyber-expert who recently founded RedactedFirm and also runs