SOC Services and Solutions.

A security operations centre, or SOC, is a system that deals with cybersecurity issues within a company. It consists of two main components:


A skilled security specialist; a competent security expert is key to ensuring the system runs smoothly. They must have an extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and the tools used to prevent an attack. 


An arsenal of cybersecurity tools; a security specialist is redundant if she or he does not have the tools to carry out their function. Security experts must have the means to protect against the attacks that they have been hired to prevent. 

Why is a Security Operations Centre Important?

A security operations centre is so important because it is like the heart of a company. It works silently and in the background, but ensures that operations are running smoothly. Perhaps most importantly, it takes preventative measures against anything that may threaten the security of the company. 

Why choose our Security Operation Centre Solution?

Although SOC seems like a simple two-step process, it is far more complex and costly than it may first appear. Finding a security specialist is a daunting task, but writing their paycheck is perhaps even more daunting! If this isn’t worrisome enough, the tools that specialists require are even more costly. But, that’s where we come in. We understand how valuable cybersecurity is, but we also recognise that most companies cannot justify investing large amounts of money in SOC. Consequently, we have developed our own SOC service. 

How Does a Security Operations Centre Work?

Essentially you are placing your security operations centre under our care. We provide an ideal, and cost-effective, solution. With an abundance of cybersecurity experts and the arsenal of tools they require, we can protect your company against any real or potential threats. Through utilising the information our tools gather and analysing the results, we can ensure that your brand and business is protected. There are two ways we offer SOC services:

  • We provide the people and the process needed to set up a SOC while your company supplies the tools. 
  • We provide the entire SOC system; the cybersecurity specialists, the tools and the process.