What is Penetration Testing?

Pen testing is a service that evaluates how reliable your company’s security system is. There are two main ways that companies utilise pen testing; 


Firstly, a company may perform pen testing is to verify that their system is secure. Many successful companies have firewalls in place to prevent intrusion, nevertheless, it is important to test the effectiveness of these measures. That’s when pen testing comes into play. It is very much a custom service, that will differ from company to company, but oftentimes it involves what is known as white hat hacking. We attempt to break into the system but unlike the black hat hackers of the internet, we do not steal any of the data. Instead, we produce a report which highlights the most vulnerable parts of your security system.


Secondly, a company may seek out pen testing is because it is unsure of how good it’s current security system is. Most companies that go with option A are confident that their system is secure, they just want to know where improvements could be made. Option B, on the other hand, is essentially a second set of eyes on your company’s security system. It offers the opportunity for our experts to ensure that your system is safe and that no key areas have been overlooked.

Why Is Penetration Testing Important?

Pen testing is so important because it provides a clear and comprehensive evaluation of a  company’s security system. Essentially it emulates what a hacker would do and outlines the system’s shortcomings. It is also important to note that pen testing is not a one-size-fits-all service. Every company’s vulnerabilities and threats are unique so unless you perform pen testing, you cannot be confident that your company is truly secure. 

Who Is Penetration Testing Aimed At?

any company that processes and stores sensitive data, pen testing is essential. If you value data security, it is certainly something to consider.

How Does Penetration Testing Work?

Although pen testing can be classified under two headings, A and B, it is far from a one-size-fits-all products. Pen testing involves close cooperation between our company and yours. Before we begin, we try to understand what your concerns are and what you hope to achieve from doing this. Pen testing is not simply about the results contained in our final report, the process is just as important.

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