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VMware vCloud
Director Hosting

vCloud.ie VMware hosting products are built on the VMware vCloud Director platform. This breakthrough product offers a huge range of exciting features allowing you to build, deploy and manage your own private cloud using our class leading infrastructure. vCloud.ie were the first VMware partner in Ireland to launch services using vCloud Director.

Infrastructure As A Service

vCloud Director gives you the ability to build your own virtual datacenter using the class leading infrastructure of the vCloud.ie VMware hosting platform. Easily deploy the CPU, RAM and SAN storage for your applications using a simple web portal. For more complex requirements vCloud director allows you to build internal networks, VPNs and other network resources with ease.

vApp deployment

VMware calls a group of Virtual Machines that have a common customer or department a vApp.  Each vApp, is capable of been defined within it’s own secure Network , CPU and Storage environment.  vApp’s allows you to apportion part of your entire “Bubble” of resources in to defined user groups, departments or customers with ease.

It is possible to pre-define a vApp, allowing you to deploy an entire vApp solution from a template in a single click, saving time, money and resources.

Additionally vCloud.ie provide a large number of operating system ISO images to simplify installation of common Linux distributions.

VMware vCloud API

vCloud.ie’s vCloud platform fully supports the VMware vCloud API allowing companies to programmatically leverage capacity on vCloud.ie infrastructure. The VMware vCloud API is built on open industry standards.

Migrating Physical Workloads to vSphere

Physical machines cannot be directly migrated to a vCloud datacenter due to limitations such as device drivers, any hardware dependencies, and the static attributes of a physical system. vCloud requires virtualized workloads. Apart from the basic virtualization foundation, a fully implemented vCloud datacenter also requires availability, scalability, resource pooling, and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS). The first stage of moving a physical machine to a vCloud datacenter is to virtualize it on vSphere.

Hybrid Cloud

vCloud director enables organizations to merge their in-house VMware vSphere environments with the vCloud.ie cloud to create highly adaptive hybrid clouds.

Migrating Virtual Workloads to vCloud Director

Before migrating the newly created virtual machine to the vCloud datacenter, VMware recommends that you identify a minimum period of time to monitor and optimize the virtual machine hardware for the guest operating system and guest application requirements. For many applications, an appropriate amount of time for this process is a typical full application business cycle, such as the first day through the last day of a business month. As an example, use VMware vCenter Operations Manager™ to determine whether the virtual machine is sized properly.

After the physical machine is virtualized, stabilized, and optimized to run in a virtual datacenter, you can move the virtualized workload to a VMware vCloud datacenter.

Enterprise Plus Features

vCloud.ie offer the full enterprise plus licensing of VMware which includes High Availability (HA), Automatic Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and vMotion to guarantee 100% uptime. Our service includes a money back guarantee and 100% uptime service level agreement.

vCloud.ie Advantages

Organizations with in-house VMware expertise will greatly benefit from the ability to deploy additional resources in a private cloud environment. Companies with complex requirements will find vCloud Director offers the ability to configure and deploy vApps with complex inter-networking and security with ease. SaaS companies will benefit from the ability to deploy pre-configured environments in a single click

Cloud Security

The vCloud platform includes vShield technology such as port level firewall and perimiter protection to simplify your private cloud deployment. vCloud.ie provide an additional layer of security in the form of Cisco firewall service included as standard.

Best In Class Hardware

Our VMware platform is based on the latest hardware from HP, Cisco and EMC. High Speed HP blades are equipped with AMD processors (6820) and fast DDR3 memory. Enterprise EMC Symmetrix SANs configured in RAID, have 15K disks and multiple controllers for performance and reliability in equal measure.

Assessments and Capacity Planner

VMware Capacity Planner can help to successfully plan and estimate the size of the foundation infrastructure required for a scalable vCloud deployment. Capacity Planner provides the following benefits:


  • Increased productivity with server consolidation and capacity optimization.
  • Reduced complexity through IT standardization and hardware containment.
  • Improved predictability with capacity utilization trends and virtualization benchmarks.

See the VMware Capacity Planner datasheet for additional information (http://www.vmware.com/products/capacity-planner/overview.html).

VMware Capacity Planner software is typically used during a Virtualization Assessment service delivered by VMware Professional Services or a VMware partner.

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