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Hosted Desktop

vCloud View-Desktop is a complete VDI solution based on VMware View that offers streamlined design and deployment of virtual desktops for your organization.

Hosted Desktops

Hosted desktops are a smarter way to work – they look and act like a standard desktop computer to your employees but are actually delivered over a secure internet connection. Your staff can access their hosted desktops 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, using any device that has a web browser. Installation, configuration and ongoing support of desktops are greatly simplified.

VMware View

VMware View, hosted by vCloud.ie, gives you the market leading desktop virtualization solution with guaranteed 100% uptime for a low monthly fee. vCloud.ie provisions the entire VMware View environment.

What Horizon View Does

Desktop Management

Increase control of desktops, applications, and data by delivering and managing them as centralized services.

End-User Experience

Deliver maximum workplace productivity and convenience for end users, whether they are online or offline, on desktops or mobile devices, or connected to a LAN or a WAN.

Flexible Access

Enable end users to access their desktops as needed. Unlike traditional PCs, Horizon View desktops reside in the cloud; they’re not tied to the physical computer.

Cloud Compatibility

Transform desktops into highly available, agile services delivered from your cloud.

OS Customization

Unlike other hosted desktop offerings, your VMware view solution is dedicated just to you allowing you to fully customize the environment to your needs. There are no restrictions on OS types or applications supported, allowing you to deliver the functionality and security that best suits your organization.

Data Backup

Data backup and resilience is our top priority and we leave nothing to chance. When selected as an option, your desktop environment and data are fully backed up nightly to an offsite datacenter.

Who Benefits

Switching to hosted desktops offers significant cost savings to organizations of all sizes. Startups and small businesses benefit from the zero capital outlay and enterprise grade facilities. Larger organizations benefit from ease of management and streamlined deployment.
Guaranteed Availability

vCloud offers a world-class 100% uptime service level guarantee which offers money back if your desktop is unavailable for any reason.

Enterprise Class Platform

Our hosted desktop service is built upon an extremely resilient hardware platform deployed in an N+1 configuration to offer exceptional uptime capabilities. Your data is stored on high availability EMC Storage SAN’s with Multiple Fibre controllers to offer far greater levels of resilience than typical on-site solutions.


At vCloud we believe you should be able to talk to an Engineer whenever you need to, so we never use 1st line script readers or gatekeepers. vCloud Engineers are highly skilled engineers with VMware certification, and a strong pedigree in Networking, Infrastructure and Systems Administration; they know what they are talking about and love solving your problems. Our support helpdesk is available 24×7 by email or telephone.

High Levels Of Security

A wide range of security options are available including software and hardware based firewalls. In addition, vCloud can provide cost effective LAN extension and VPN services to your hosted environment.

Our team of VMware engineers hold VMware Advanced Professional, Data Center Design and Cisco CCIE qualifications amongst others. We’d be delighted to show you what we can do for your organization – Contact us now for a quote. We’ll respond quickly to your requirements.

What is the Cloud?

The reasons for moving to the “Cloud” are often varied, but they always have one thing in common;a Business case for the adoption of a Cloud Service. Many businesses are using “Cloud” services and platforms in their daily life, and may not even know it.

The following are a list of some of the Cloud Services that many consumers are familiar with, which are sitting on a Server connected to the INTERNET somewhere.

What is under the Hood?

Hosted Desktops are simple to the user, however we have used our expertise to give you a solution that can will make your life easier and simpler.

Key Benefits of Hosted Desktops

  • Reduce the time you have to spend on deploying and managing user desktops in a simple and easy to use environment.
  • Reduce the money on replacing desktop hardware as you can utilize older Thin Client’s or Desktop’s.
  • Reduce the requirement for a physical desktop client Operating license as you just need a web client to run Horizon View Desktop.
  • Reduce In-House Electricity and Environmental operating costs as you often do not need PC’s with Hard Disks or large amounts of RAM.
  • Simplify Application deployment and user addition with standardized templates.
  • Custom secure SSL Hybrid Cloud Link to your vCloud Servers directly within the data centre at speeds up to 10GB per second, no delays for accessing or retrieving corporate files.

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